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欢迎来到自组织共享信息库,本wiki是关于区块链自组织调研和实践的共享信息库。 出发点是构建关于自组织的信息共享和共创空间。此Wiki的目标用户是对区块链,耗散系统和去中心化协作感兴趣的人,DAOStep和Gotoken是本wiki的发起者,欢迎大家随时提问和发表想法。

Welcome to this Shared Information Station.The starting point is a Wiki about decentralized collaboration and autonomous organizations built upon blockchain technology. The target users were people interested in blockchain, dissipative system and decentralized collaboration. Gotoken and DAOStep is the maintainer of the station, feel free to ask questions and bounce ideas.
New users can checkout the How to get started.


  1. DAOStack
  2. Aragon
  3. MolochDAO
  4. Colony
  5. Gitcoin
  6. MetaCatel Venture DAO
  7. OSCoin


  1. Uniswap
  2. Kyber
  3. Token Bonding Curve
  4. Bancor
  5. Initial Reputation Offering
  6. ZeroCollateral


  1. Patreon
  2. Freelancer


  1. RoamResearch
  2. Trello
  3. Wekan
  4. 石墨文档


  1. 链下治理和声誉系统
  2. 治理机制设计中的思考和权衡